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TKO 4kg-36kg Cast Kettlebell Set w/ 3 Tier Rack

TKO 4kg-36kg Cast Kettlebell Set w/ 3 Tier Rack

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TKO Cast Kettlebells
Every serious fitness enthusiast hits the point where they’ve outgrown dumbbells. When you find yourself itching for more movement options and better results, then upgrade to a kettlebell.

The difference is all in the shape. Traditional dumbbells have limitations on the movements you can complete while using them. Kettlebells offer much more freedom of movement. The TKO Pro Cast Kettlebell is the ultimate in kettlebell designs with a wider handle to ease the transfer between hands. No more chafing or slipping up on the handle.

The TKO Kettlebell also boasts a broad, perfectly flat base for advanced stability. Now your cardio and strength building workouts can truly begin. The TKO Pro Kettlebell will open up avenues you’d never considered for your workout as it allows you a wider range of motion thanks to a low center of gravity.

See your flexibility and strength improve alongside your cardio at a pace unmatched by traditional dumbbells. The TKO Kettlebell is forged from one solid piece of metal, so it has no joints or adhesion points to weaken or fail. A dropped TKO Kettlebell will never break apart, and neither will your hands, thanks to the powder coat finish. The TKO Kettlebell utilizes micro-textured grooves for a stable, no-slip grip and a low risk of the kettlebell being dropped. Complete your workouts with comfort and confidence.

No matter your skill level, the TKO Kettlebell can help you get the most out of your time spent working out. Free-range weighted exercises are a great way to stay fit and improve your energy levels. The TKO Kettlebell is versatile and multi-purpose, making sure that no weighted exercise is off the table.

Features & Benefits:

  • CASTING - Cast in to one solid piece, creating a stronger, reliable handle
  • FINISH - Matte black powder coat with great textured feel
  • BASE - Fully machined, wide flat base
  • COLOR - Bands are color code to size for easy identification


  • Handle Diameter: 4KG - 8KG: 1.2", 12KG: 1.4", 16KG - 28KG: 1.5"
  • Sizes: 4 - 36KG
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